Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama Orders Pentagon to Cut Budget 11%? (Update: Maybe Not)

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Update: See this post for an update. This may be false.

Yes, he's cutting the military the midst of two wars. Think about that; he is cutting back on supplies, health care, VA funding and everything else while simultaneously pushing a bill that includes $4-billion plus for "neighborhood stabilization"--read ACORN.

Obama needs his base right about now and he'll do anything to get their support, including sentencing our men and women of the military to substandard conditions. That will result in deaths to those who joined to protect our nation.

I guess getting shown up by a military judge rubbed BHO the wrong way and he's spitefully taking it out on those we should be supporting.

Sure, we can give money to the NEA but we'll give the military the finger--sounds about right in Barack Hussein Obama's America.

I'm guessing the honeymoon will be shorter than most expect as I'm hoping the good people of the US will see this for what it is--a slap at the people who are protecting us. They deserve better.

Update: Fox reports that they are scrambling to find places to make cuts. Missile defense has shown to be very successful under Bush. Some are saying it is operational now. But I'd expect that to be shelved as Obama does everything possible to make us weaker and less secure. Instead of deploying the ultimate anti-ballistic missile weapon, Obama instead makes nice with Putin in a most Carter-esque way.

Update: Ed Morrisey notes what is not being cut.

Update: Gay Patriot linked, thanks.

Update: Doug Ross also links and has numerous updates. And no, the MSM with the exception of Fox have not reported this.


otis.opse said...

Do you remember the bumper sticker which would be affixed to a typical Volvo: "It will be a good day when the Air Force needs to hold a bake sale to buy a billion dollar bomber." Unfortunately, at the expense of our troops, it appears that the Libs are finally getting their fondest wish. I pray, for our sake, that our armed services are able to keep their morale high. This is not the time for our country to forsaken its troops.

Ken Adams said...

I suspect that most of this year's cut will come from the procurement and R&D accounts. This is big enough to wipe out a company the size of Raytheon multiple times and put 130,000 engineers out of work.

Anonymous said...

this is good for the world. Pentagon is too dangerous. Pentagon should be used to protect U.S. not to invade other nations like it's been the case for so many years.

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine beyond the president's wildest dreams that the military needs to cut funds. As far as I'm concerned this should be the last area to suffer! Wonder what's going on in the thinking helm of our superior almighty! Well, we'll definitely see where he's going with this cut and then see where this country will end up afterwards. God Bless all and to all a good night:)

Anonymous said...

If you believe that American troops are protecting Americans, you are at least delusional. They are engaged in creating more terrorists under the directive of a hopelessly failed military program that has cost at least a trillion dollars. Please stop repeating those worn-out mantras and look beyond the propaganda in the mainstream Press. Bring the troops home now.

Justin said...

I believe we do need to cut the Pentagon's budget.
This does not mean that our soldiers lives will be put in jeopardy.