Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Military Budget Cuts Update

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Update: See this post for an update. This may be false.

OK, we've established a few facts; first the Obama administration is cutting billions from the Pentagon's budget while we have an active war going on and another that is starting to draw down but could flare up at any point. That has never happened before whereby a president cut the budget while our troops were actively engaged in a hot war. Second, the media isn't covering it at all and the Obama administration shamefully and cowardly released the info on a Friday knowing that if the media did cover it at all, no one would be paying attention.

The question now is where to make the cuts. Smadanek has a breakdown of how it would affect the Navy and it ain't pretty. His supposition that it would fall to all the branches equally is a good one.

I mentioned earlier that you can essentially kiss missile defense goodbye just just as we approaching deployment. Obama will push for that as a sop to Putin. That leaves several other huge programs that will be stopped or get seriously whacked including the Joint Strike Fighter--the next generation of aircraft designed to take us well into this century. Ditto the F 22 Raptor.
These are two programs that would ensure military supremacy for the next thirty years--years in which we'll have to deal with a rebuilding Russia and an upstart China.

Still, even reducing or eliminating those programs won't reduce the budget to where Obama wants it so that leaves deficiencies at the deck-plate level--affecting the average airman, sailor, soldier or Marine. Reduced weapons capability means more dead and wounded troops and that's a kick in the balls to the good people who signed on over the last few years and now are being told that the new president doesn't think you need the latest and greatest.

It's up to you and me to make this a major issue; write your congressman and/or senator and tell them that you will abide this. Write your local paper and get the word out that Obama is willing to shortchange our military men and women while throwing money to anti-war groups posing as "neighborhood stabilization" outfits. Tell your friends that Obama thinks giving money to the National Endowment for the Arts is more important than keeping our country safe. Be professional when writing to these people but be be blunt in letting them know that those men and women who took the oath to protect our country entered into a deal with the government and part of that deal was to provide them the best equipment possible.

This vet is mighty pissed by this.

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Anonymous said...

Hope and change. We are going back to the Carter years when the military was an embarrassment. I should know, that is when I started my career. We were paid to sit on our butts because of fund shortages to train.

This president has now crossed the line. He will end up severely damaging this country when the terrorists attack our soldiers and probably our country directly.

I pray the average person sees him for the fraud he is and that another Reagan emerges in the next 4 years.

Michael Mainello
USA, Retired

Scott said...

I served in the early 90's when we were strong again. I heard the stories of the late 70's and it appalled me. We have the best fighting force of any nation and Obama's going to piss it away.

Carter needed a strong military to rescue the hostages and when he called on them, they weren't trained enough to respond and it ended in the lives of good men lost.

History repeats itself.