Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday Night News and Notes

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Winter is returning after a nice week. Tomorrow and the weekend look to be frigid and to someone in the environmental/construction industry and has to be outside, I can only say that it sucks big time.

Here's the links of the day.

Ed Rendell is a blowhard, which is well known in these parts. Gail Collins got all bent out of shape by Rendell and his choice of words concerning Gov. Napolitano. Note that Gail didn't get bent when the media was questioning whether Sarah Palin was Trig's mother or the myriad other, unseemly attacks waged against her.

More faux media outrage via Ace. Yeah, I wonder why the newspaper industry is disintegrating.

Obama gives John Kerry the finger with the simultaneous crotch grab. I guess you can say John F'ing Kerry was kinda, I don't know...swiftboating by BHO.

One wonders if Obama will have the huevos to discontinue the best deterrent we've ever created for long range weapons.

Mugabe won't go easy but the tide is finally turning.

Update: Tim Blair just loves those environmental idiots that make it easy to poke fun.

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