Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shoe Throwing Egyptian Reporter Allegedly Beaten, al-Sadr Supporter

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The reporter from Egypt who threw his shoes at President Bush was allegedly shown some rough treatment by the Iraqi's. Not even remotely surprisingly, the lefties took it as complete Iraqi repudiation of President Bush's authorization and subsequent winning of the war.

Also not quite too surprising is the guy is a supporter of the once powerful, now impotent Moqtada al-Sadr.

Now I'm not supporting any rough treatment or as the lefties label it "torture" of any person but I find it interesting that those who label it torture lump us in with the Iraqi's when it is clear that any beating he endured happened at an Iraqi facility and then he was transferred to an American facility later and reportedly treated at an American hospital. I'm sure he was not treated the slightest bit poorly by Americans.

There are many Arabs who have great hatred for America because of our support of Israel, our support of democracy and our ousting of Saddam. I understand that completely. However, to paint one reporter's actions with the feelings of a newly free nation is ridiculous beyond words. Clearly the guy is sympathetic to al-Sadr, a man we proved a coward (and called out by Condi Rice for being one) by repeatedly chasing away to Iran and a man who we beat and disgraced in front of his entire nation.

Liberals will never, ever concede the point that we have left Iraq with greater hope and more freedom than they ever would have attained had we left Saddam in power. Sadly, they once again want to believe the worst about America then give us the benefit of the doubt. They are not anti-American, they're just on the other side.

Update: Great point:

Because would an Iraqi journalist have ever thrown a shoe at Saddam Hussein, and if so, would he have ever again needed two shoes?

Via Tim Blair.

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Zoooma!! said...

Brainwashed liberals who will never concede that Iraq is better off because of our involvement make me want to hurl... or just kick them in the nuts.

Most of those fools treasure American freedom but freedom and a better life for others? Whatever...