Saturday, December 06, 2008

Obama Accepts Reality

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When Obama was elected, many of us conservatives were bracing ourselves for some of the selections he would make for his cabinet and staff. It appears we may have been fretting for nothing:

Superstition almost forbids me to comment on President-elect Barack Obama's appointments thus far. The news has been so shockingly welcome that I'm almost afraid to remark on it for fear of breaking the spell.

...If I were a left-winger, I would be tearing out my hair about now.
I'm pretty sure that Obama spent a few days after winning with a bit of shell-shock. He had won and it went from being "if I win" to "I won" and the reality of the situation set in whereby he realized he had to govern in a very unsettled world. His decisions now will affect the entire world, not just America and that realization forced him to select those who are best-prepared to handle what's coming.

It turns out that it is right-of-center people who are best equipped to handle the tough times to come. This has got to be incredibly grating to liberals who envisioned a new America that would be further left than we've been since FDR. Their savior and secular god has shunned them and put together a team that will govern in a pragmatic way.

Let's all enjoy the left-wing outrage for a while.

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Mberenis said...

I'd like to Post a Comment

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KurtP said...

The Clinton whitehouse is 'right of center"?
As many Clintonistas as he's hired, it may as well be.