Friday, December 12, 2008

News and Notes For a Cold Friday Night

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Blogging's been light because of the thousand and one other things going on.

Here's some snippets from todays news:

Jonah Goldberg:

For starters, the folks at the Chicago Tribune are Christmas Pony Happy because Blago tried to strong-arm the Trib’s owners to fire members of the editorial board. Instead, Trib editors will get to have a big tailgate party outside Blago’s cell window.

The automaker bailout plan is crashing without an airbag. The GOP is playing hardball. It's quite simple: make a car people like and we'll buy it, make junk that costs too much and we won't.

New Jersey is pissed that all the corruption focus is on Chicago. Of course we can't let those Midwest whiners take all the ink. Hey, Lautenberg got in illegally but this may be the one to finally tarnish him.

Blagojevich is a Democrat? Who knew?

Hugo Chavez is in a bad predicament. Oil is plummeting, his country is in disarray and he's starting to become even more despotic. It sure seems like a nice time for a coup sponsored by by Colombia who owe him one.

Bad Bush.

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