Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday Evening News and Notes

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An all-around nice day for the 1st of December in the Northeast. Here's some interesting tidbits from around the Net:

China is in the midst of economic problems. How big and how will it effect us and the world?

Community Organizers filed a complaint against the three largest Wall Street rating firms for "charging that their inflated ratings on subprime mortgage bonds disproportionately caused financial harm to African American and Latino home buyers across the country." Let's see if I have this right; Congress forced companies to offer subprime mortgages and even accused those who questioned the practice racists. Now, these firms are being sued because they were part of the process? Makes sense...Bawney Fwank, call you office, pwonto.

Thank you, Barack. Gov. Napolitano's replacement will mean a Republican will be guv in Arizona. Maybe we can think about shutting the border down since Napolitano was loathe to do it.

Plax does the perp walk. Nice career you used to have, dude.

Heartbreak: Rosie O'Donnell's show axed after one episode. See you, scrub.

Alex Witt(less) is shocked, shocked that terrorism would continue in the world now that Barack Obama, the Savior Of All Mankind has been elected. Wake up, dingbat.

Update: Sarah Palin is one hell of a public speaker. The media and dems harp on how great a speech-giver Obama is, Palin is right up there:

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