Monday, December 29, 2008

Israel Continues to Defend Itself in Gaza

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Imagine sitting out on your back deck enjoying a beverage and listening to some sporting event and a rocket comes out of nowhere and damages your house where your kids are playing injuring one of them. Further imagine that said rocket was launched from a neighboring nation that seeks not only to destroy your country but destroy your entire race.

Now imagine it has been happening for months and it has effected your family and neighbors on a daily basis--killing several of your close friends. Would you want your country to hold back and do nothing?

That is the situation Israel finds itself in once again. Hamas terrorists have been launching small incendiaries into towns such as Sderot for a long time and Israel finally said enough after numerous warnings:

Israel says that its onslaught — its most ferocious against Palestinians in decades — is designed to prevent Palestinians from attacking towns in southern Israel with missiles. But Hamas fired more than 60 rockets into southern Israel on Monday, killing an Israeli Arab construction worker in Ashkelon and wounding several others.

A long-range rocket also struck the Israeli city of Ashdod some 18 miles from Gaza, where it hit a bus stop, killing a woman and injuring two other people. Thousands of Israelis huddled in shelters.
Israel has to defend herself in the most easily understood way--the only way the Palestinians understand--violence on a harsh scale. Talking hasn't worked and threats haven't worked so that leaves essentially one recourse and the Israeli's are utilizing that recourse.

In the linked piece above, the NY Times reports that 350 are dead of which 60 are civilians. That means 290 were terrorists and the others were collateral damage injured because Hamas locates their rocket launchers in civilian areas thus putting innocent people at risk.

Israel left Gaza in 2005 and allowed the Palestinians autonomy. They immediately fought amongst each other with Hamas chasing out Fatah. Israel offered the chance at some self government and instead of peace and creation of a better state, Hamas chose destruction, bitterness, poverty and war.

As an aside, this has to be the single stupidest post I've read this week where this idiot blames President Bush for remaining on vacation while the two sides battle it out in Gaza. Bush Derangement Syndrome isn't gone yet.

In roughly three weeks, this will be Obama's problem and it seems that his people are naive in the extreme.

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Zoooma!! said...

I just saw that moron Cynthia McKinney on TV denouncing the attacks, calling on President-elect O-hole to also denounce the attacks. Plus you've surely heard about the protests at the Israeli Embassy in London, England? How come no one was protesting Hamas firing rockets into Israel on a DAILY basis? How come McKinney never spoke out about that?!?!?!?!?!?!

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