Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hey Obama, Welcome to the World of a Nuclear Iran

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Obama had no problems criticizing the Bush administration during his campaign. He'll get to see exactly how difficult being President is:

Iran poses the greatest foreign policy challenge to the new president with Tehran on course to produce a nuclear bomb in the first year of an Obama administration, an unprecedented coalition of top think tanks warned yesterday.

Barack Obama must follow through on his promises of direct talks with Tehran and engage the Middle East region as a whole if he is to halt a looming crisis that could be revisited on the United States, the experts warned.

“Diplomacy is not guaranteed to work: it is not,” Richard Hass, one of the authors said. “But the other options – military action or living with an Iranian weapon are sufficiently unattractive for it to warrant serious commitment.”

Obama's promise to hold unconditional talks with the Iranian regime looks like a great idea right about now. He'll be loathe to use military force or even the threat of it but that's exactly what's needed, the old carrot and stick. Negotiations should be just peachy.

Iran will feel they have the upper hand in negotiations because, well, they essentially do. They know Obama will never invade even though he has talked tough in the past and the hard-left who supported him would go ape shit if he even considered it. Plus, we'll have Hillary Clinton meeting with Ahmedinejad who will show one face in public but do the Ayatollahs bidding in private. In other words, we're screwed. Unless, of course, Israel hits at the Iranian nuke site as they did in Iraq in the eighties and precluded Saddam from finishing what Jacques Chirac started at Osirak.

This is no longer a speech in Scranton BHO, this is the real deal. Iranian hegemony will know no limits should they get a nuke and the Saudis will get one soon after if they haven't already procured one thanks to the largess of AQ Khan.
Welcome to the real world where the media won't be so complicit and the players will not be so forthright and honest. I'm sure George W. Bush will have a chuckle over the next four years.

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robert verdi said...

Iran wants to and us building a weapon. I don't think Obama can stop that outside of military force. There is also a chance that Obama knows his left wing talking points won't play in reality. Does that mean he will attack, no, but it might mean that he won't directly meet with them since if he does, and they build the weapons anyway he will have squandered political capital and embarrassed himself.