Monday, December 29, 2008

Eagles Put 44 Up on Cowgirls

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And a sweet ass-kicking it was ending an inexplicable day for the Birds:

"Yeah, I feel kind of revived, I guess," Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb said yesterday at the end of a freakish day that saw his left-for-dead team rout the Dallas Cowboys, 44-6, at Lincoln Financial Field and claim the final wild-card playoff spot in the NFC.

It was a warm day in December, but this sequence of events went way beyond the unusual.

"I've never been part of anything like this," safety Brian Dawkins said. "For the guys to pull together the way they pulled together after a tough loss in which we were basically left for dead . . . it speaks volumes about this team's character."

Now the Eagles, who finished the regular season at 9-6-1, have an afterlife that begins Sunday at 4:30 p.m. in a wild-card playoff game against the NFC North champion Minnesota Vikings at the Metrodome. The Cowboys, 9-7 and perhaps the NFL's most disappointing team, were left to deal with questions about next season.
Unbelievable to say the least. The Bears lose and the Raiders beat Tampa Bay. I've never rooted for the Raiders and feel dirty for doing so but they came through for us.

The player of the game was Brian Dawkins who was an animal flying all over the field forcing fumbles and generally tearing into every white shirt he saw.


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