Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blago Gives Dems the Finger

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One thing you can always count on is this: whenever the Democrats win, they will instantly fall into disarray and get nothing done. Think Nancy Pelosi's Congress or Harry Reid's Senate.

The latest incident involves the Blagojevich Senate selection to replace Obama. Here we are, less than three weeks from the inauguration and all anyone is talking about is the Blago scandal and Illinois politics--well, that's the grownups who are actually covering politics, the "big media" (I.E. The Washington Post) are embarrassingly salivating (and that's the dudes) over Obama's pecs or printing clear Palestinian propaganda so they really don't count.

Blago selected a man who has has some success in elections, is a black man and seems to be qualified to succeed The One. He did this after Harry Reid and the Senate told him not to. Of course, no one cares what Harry Reid says so I didn't expect Blago to cede his authority to the shady man from Vegas. Instead, Blago not only selected Roland Burris but played the race card in the process:

Taking to the podium at the end of a bizarre, shambolic press conference in which Governor Rod Blagojevich sought to appoint Roland Burris to the US Senate, Congressman Bobby Rush dared white Democratic senators to block a black man from joining their ranks.

He urged people "not to hang or lynch the appointee as you try to castigate the appointer" and, after saying repeatedly that Burris would be the only African-American in the Senate, said that he believed no senator would want "to go on record to deny one African-American from being seated in the US Senate".

...As he left the room, Blagojevich echoed Rush, saying: "Feel free to castigate the appointer but don't lynch the appointee."
Live by the race card, die by the race card but I digress.

So now, Reid will have to either accept the legal nomination of Burris or fight a battle to keep Burris out--a nice racial skirmish that Dems have been loathe to nut up on before. Blago looked around and saw that he was quickly shunned by the party establishment so he decided to telling them to screw themselves and go about his duties. They want him gone and the bad press to end, he says "hell no" and the scandal continues. Blago is the best thing to happen to conservative commentators since the primaries.

As I said before, every time the Dems get ahead, they end up looking stupid. Obama wins, gays slur Blacks for their support of Prop 8. Obama wins, Rahm Emanuel gets caught up in the Blago scandal. Obama wins, liberals are pissed at his selection of Rick Warren to give the invocation and his choices for his cabinet. Obama wins, a Black man is about to be vilified by his own party and the racism charges are already flying.

It's awesome, isn't it?

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