Monday, December 01, 2008

Another Murder By an Illegal Alien

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When will we finally say enough?

Whenever time that is, it'll be too late for this man:

Murder charges were filed yesterday against a 35-year-old man who authorities said exacted revenge for being kicked out of a Bensalem bar Saturday night by running down one of the employees with a pickup truck.

Jose Esteban Maldonado-Luzuriaga was in the Bucks County prison on homicide and related charges with bail set at $3 million yesterday morning in the death of William Sullo III, First Assistant District Attorney David Zellis said.

Sullo, 30, of Philadelphia, a takeout clerk at the Salute Restaurant Bar in the 2300 block of Knights Road, was run down minutes after he had helped a bartender escort Maldonado-Luzuriaga out of the bar, authorities said.

Bartenders had refused to serve Maldonado-Luzuriaga alcohol when he entered the bar around 10:22 p.m. because he appeared heavily intoxicated, officials said.

...Maldonado-Luzuriaga, an illegal immigrant from Ecuador who lives up the road from the Salute bar, got into a white 2006 Ford F150, circled the lot a few times, aimed the pickup toward the front of the bar, and gunned it in anger toward Sullo, who stood on the curb watching, authorities said.
No, this wasn't an accident, it was a homicide and one that could easily have been avoided.

If Congress had done their jobs and passed real immigration reform whereby illegal immigrants were deported for breaking our laws, William Sullo would still be alive. If a fence was erected and patrolled as it should be, William Sullo would still be alive. If anyone in the government gave a damn about fighting illegal immigration and enforced the law, William Sullo would still be alive. Instead he's lying in a morgue at the age of 30 because politicians would rather pander to the Hispanic community than crack down on criminals and risk losing votes. Perhaps Speaker Pelosi, Senator McCain and President Bush should visit Mr. Sullo's family and beg for their forgiveness for allowing this to happen to their loved one.

Note that Sullo ejected the scumbag because he was doing what was required by law: not serving a person who was already drunk. So by Sullo following the law, he was killed by a man who was breaking the law and was allowed to do so by lenient government policies in enforcing his particular crime.

Rest in peace Mr. Sullo, you now join the long list of those killed or injured by those who should have been rounded up and ejected from the country. Our governments inaction on this issue is beyond pathetic.


Anonymous said...

William Sullo, III, is just one of many Americans killed by foreign nationls illegally living in the United States.

Visit the Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial here to read about many other killings:

Steve Salvi

Anonymous said...

This same bar overcharges and rips off the immigrants that purchase beer from there.There is two sides to every story

Anonymous said...

There shouldn't even be immigrants in that I'm glad they overcharge you. Scumbags! Get out of our country!!!