Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yes, Obama Is My President

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I've been writing about the election just past since 2006 and some posts reference it earlier. I was wrapped up in the daily minutiae more than most and some would say to an insane level. I followed every detail and you can read my thoughts just scanning this blog.

That said, I admit that yes, I am disappointed. I'm disappointed that McCain ran a bad campaign, I'm disappointed that America forgot about Iraq and Afghanistan because things are going well there, I'm disappointed that Americans allowed the media to dictate the stories of the day, I'm disappointed that Sarah Palin was treated like garbage when it would have been different had she been a Democrat, I'm disappointed that the Bush administration strayed from the conservative principles that have made us a center-right country since 1980, I'm disappointed that Hillary supporters have so little self-respect that they still voted for a man who disrespected her immensely and poured salt in every wound and finally, I'm disappointed that Barack Obama won.

But the simple fact is that Obama did win and did so in convincing fashion (not a mandate but I'll cover that later). He ran a solid campaign and stuck to the points he wanted to make. Yes, he actually espoused many conservative views and yes, he pandered but he was steady and smooth. So, as the next President, he will be my president. I'm not about to play this game that liberals did when George Bush won; running around saying "he's not my President" or some other such rubbish. No, I'm a vet and a vet is trained to follow the orders of the Commander in Chief. The new CinC will be Obama. I don't have to be happy and I will criticize every single policy decision he makes but he's still the President-elect of the US and as such deserves my respect.

The country sought a new direction after the last eight years, it happens often as it did most recently in 2000. The economic collapse was a big deal as was, ironically, the surge that was championed by McCain and panned by Obama but which actually was so successful, it took the war issue off the table. People are looking for a scapegoat and some have focused on Palin but she was not to blame. John McCain is a good and honorable man and deserves the respect and gratitude of every American but he was a horrible candidate. He didn't energize anyone (Palin sure as hell did, though) and juxtaposed with Obama looked old, sounded stale and lacked the pizazz of the younger, more vibrant Democrat.

So, to sum up, I accept the fact that Obama is the next President and I congratulate him and his supporters for the long hard campaign they won. It was a grassroots effort that energized people (some so much they contributed daily and voted three times, but I digress) from all walks of life. Dare I say it was Reaganesque? I'm not going to be like the libs were over the last eight years where they hoped for bad things to happen, wanted the economy to tank, some even hoped we would be attacked again or were joyful when the death count in Iraq reached two, three and four thousand. Those people are scumbags and beneath contempt and were the very worst of what America is. I'm not them, I want good things for this, the greatest nation God has ever given man. I want low unemployment and low taxes so people can live their lives with a little spending cash and a chance at a decent retirement. I want a secure nation where we worry about what college our kids will get into and not where some Islamo-fascist is going to target next. I want a nation of free markets and freer people. I want the Dow to pass 20,000 and the median income to approach $70,000 per annum. In essence, I want America to thrive and that surpasses any and all partisanship.


Anonymous said...

Good for you. I am a democrat and did not hope for Bush's failure and God never another attack. I hope there are very few that actually would. I am excited about what tomorrow brings. I am excited about a bipartisan cabinet and to see, if possible, because I think he has the personality for it, for some real progress and coming together. Not just in Washington.

I felt bad for McCain and as he spoke two nights ago I thought that is the real guy I even liked 8 years ago. It was if he was himself without the handlers and the strategy... he made a great speech that night and I hope the best for the guy. I do not feel the same about Sarah and as these stories come out about her it makes perfect sense to me about who and what she is. I am sure McCain will really regret that choice. I feel bad for him that because of his age his hopes for maybe a different campaign next time are not in the cards.

May we all come together and all see the good in what it means for a black man, the first, to be president... as Chris Matthews said (I am sure you love him.) America surprises.... because despite the polls and predictions I had serious doubts...

Scott said...

i would be careful what you read into what's being written about Palin. McCain campaign bigs who are looking for a scapegoat for losing this election are airing stupid stuff. They've been rebutted by actual facts and the fact they didn't actually say these things utilizing their names says all you need to know.

Palin is an absolutely true conservative and she won Governor of Alaska against an entrenched establishment. I would hope that some would have the brains to see through the media hit job and notice that she's not quite the idiot as portrayed.

The election is over, open your mind a bit and look at some of Palin's speeches within the last three weeks, she was free and was unbelieveable.

McCain ran a horrid campaign and it was not Palin who sank it. Palin was the one who kept it afloat and without her he would have lost by 15%.

Scott said...

BTW, Bush had a bi-partisan cabinet more than anyone in history (Mineta comes immediately to mind). He also elevated African-Americans higher than they've ever been (prior to the coming inauguration) with Condi Rice and Colin Powell being Sec-State.

Anonymous said...

He only had one Mineta. That's it. In a low profile position. He had the most diverse in history which I admire but not the most bipartisan.

I do not hate Sarah Palin. I do not like her politics at all she was way too right.