Tuesday, November 04, 2008

President Elect Obama

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Man, that hurt to write those words.

Congrats to Obama who ran a steady campaign. Here's to hoping his supporters act like adults but I doubt it.

My assumption is that people wanted change and boy, they're gonna get it. Some blame Palin but I'm not in that camp, McCain ran a horrid campaign and Palin kept him afloat.

More tomorrow as I'm going to pound about twenty beers right about now.

Personally, I'm in the environmental business so I look to make money off of Obama's new policies.I'm always a capitalist and good capitalists make money regardless of the Prez.


Heather said...

I think you are assigning blame to the wrong ticket. Could John McCain's campaign been better run? Absolutely! Nonetheless there is no one to blame but W. He and Cheney will doubtless go down in history as the administration that failed the economy, failed at social policy, failed at foreign policy and failed to provide adequately for the military in a war that was built on a pack of lies. Everything is in far worse shape than when they took office - oh - except the oil companies.

I am glad you gave credit to Obama. He did run a great campaign, but without the last 8 years, I don't think it could have happened.

As with all who fear that Obama is a socialist, you will be pleasantly surprised at the progress this country will make over the next 4 years. What you will see is a kinder, gentler capitalism. Just because we live in a capitalist society, does not mean that we need to tolerate unbridled corporate greed at all costs. That's not how this country was built. It is certainly not how it will move forward. We have seen the results over the last 8 years. Personally, I have seen enough.

Scott said...

Um, Heather, we have not been attacked since 9/11, that was Bush's doing.

As for Iraq and it being the worng war; I tend to think it was a war his father should have finished. I was in Kuwait shortly after the 1st Gulf War ended and Saddam destroyed the nation, raped women, killed sons and husbands and let the oil from a thousand wells flow into the sea. That last part is what usually gets libs worked up.

I'll make this case again as you are new to this site: When we hit on 9/11, we needed a central front in the War on Terror and Afghanistan would not have sufficed. Saddam had been playing fast and loose with the UN and the Oil for Food scam so it was thought--through intel means that he was amassing WMD. Hillary, Kerry, Edwards and every single other Democratic luminary believed the exact same thing and are on the record as saying so.

We attacked and our military scored a resounding win. AQ (al-Qaeda) decided that they wanted to take it to us there and Iran joined in. It was a fierce few years of battle but we won.

The point is that the action taken by Bush (and as a Conservative, I'm no great fan) were the sole reason we have not been hit again. We went on offense and kept the pressure up. He never wavered when he had an al-Qaeda thug in our sights and we liquidated them with extreme prejudice as they would do to us.

Finally, it was not the Bush administration or the GOP who are responsible for the mortgage meltdown. McCain and Bush both sounded the alarm about Fannie and Freddie and the dems called us racist for doing so.

Owning a house is not a right but an earned priviledge. Dem policies made it law that it was a right and we now are witnessing the effects of such policy.

Obama is now my President and I accept that as any good American should, yet I will hammer him on any and all policy issues I deem wrong.

By the way, I love how libs went from Liberals to "progressives" becasue America now looks at Liberal as a bad word. Kinda like changing Global Warming to "Climate Change" once the environmentalist whackos realized the jig was up and the scam was discovered about GW.

Heather said...

Global Warming a scam? Hope you are enjoying your beachfront property in Marlton 20 years from now...

Scott said...

That's why I bought here. Anyway, most in the environmental business think the same. Even those being paid to write that it is real. Al Gore's made a killing off of it and Obama seems to have bought into it.

We're not the problem, China is and will be so for decades. We've reduced emissions (assuming CO2 actually is a problem) dramatically and will continue to do so.

Global warming is not man made and anyone in the environmental business who's been paying attention will tell you so. The Earth has been warming and cooling for eons and, in fact, is in a cooling periosd that started ten years ago. Tha's why they now call it "climate change" because they can attribute not only high temps but cold winters to it as well.

Mary said...

Scott, I'm curious, what part of the environmental business are you in?

The reason I ask is I am currently getting my Master's in Conservation Biology (in a VERY liberal school) and I feel very much alone in my political leanings.

I sure as hell am not going to voice them in my grad school program either because I don't particularly feel like getting labeled as the 'evil' Republican.

Are there a lot of Republicans in the environmental business? Or, are you, like me, a very small minority?

I just want to know if what I'm experiencing now is going to be a continuing trend. I came into it expecting it to be, but I just wanted to get your opinion.

Scott said...


E-mail me at sswenviron@verizon.net and I'd be happy to give you info. It's a diverse business and is lucrative--probably moreso now that Obama is coming into office.