Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is Obama in an Undisclosed Secret Location?

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After two years of listening to Obama opine on every single issue that arose daily, now that he's won the race, he's suddenly got a case of laryngitis. The bailout plan, Iran gaining a nuke and the latest, the congressional car wars:

President-elect Barack Obama is staying out of the congressional fight over bailing out the U.S. auto industry, despite his previous statements urging help for Detroit's struggling Big Three, a leading Senate Democrat said Wednesday.

"I can tell you flat out there will be no endorsement [by Mr. Obama] prior to January 20," said Senate Banking Committee Chariman (sic) Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut a day after his committee heard a combined appeal for billions of dollars in taxpayer help from the heads of General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co, and Chrysler LLC.
And why won't he endorse any side? Because he's Obama, he's made a career of not taking sides in anything. He vacillates and then eventually sees which way the wind is blowing and supports that side.

Listen, O-dude, this is real now. You won. You have to start making decisions and the issues of November 20 will be the issues of January 20. This isn't going away and your voice will be the only one when you take the oath.

God help us if on the night of January 20, when all the crowds have gone home and Obama is sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office that it finally dawns on him that he is not qualified. The roar of the crowds will be gone and some of the idolatry of the media and he'll be forced to make tough choices that will effect the nation and the world. Perhaps now would be a good time to start.

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e said...

I think Obama is trying to hide out and bask in his idol-like state, dodging his illuminati's hopes for him to become president early.. because he knows people's opinions of him will go down as soon as he starts actually making decisions