Thursday, November 27, 2008

Indian Terror Incidents Not Over (Update: Military Official Say From Pakistan)

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The battle still rages.

It will be days before we know who attacked numerous locations in Mumbai, India. This was a coordinated attack and the terrorists were well armed:

The wave of terror began after small groups of militants, armed with automatic weapons and grenades, entered the city by boat and fanned out.

They burst into two hotels, a hospital and a railway station as well as a cafe popular with foreign tourists, firing indiscriminately and throwing grenades.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that the attacks were well-planned and probably had "external linkages".
The terrorists singled out Americans and Britons, which makews me believe there was indeed a foreign connection meaning Pakistan.

The cowards even went after kids:

This is why we need a man as president who is experienced, terrorists will not wait for our President-elect to get up to speed just as they didn't allow President Bush to get all his people in place in 2001.

Update: Tim Blair has much more including reports of Aussie injuries and sadly, a death.

Update: This from an unnamed Indian military official via AFP:

Militants who staged multiple attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai, killing at least 125 people and injuring hundreds more, came from Pakistan, a senior military official said on Thursday.

"They are from across the border and perhaps from Faridkot, Pakistan. They tried to pretend that they were from Hyderabad," Major General R.K. Hooda, leading the military operation to flush out the extremists, told reporters.

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