Thursday, October 16, 2008

Phillies Are National League Champs, Baby!

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I am a baseball player, coach and fan so that makes me, by rule, superstitious. My wife bought me a Ryan Howard jersey for my birthday last week and I wore it once since the game I wore it, the Phillies lost. I haven't worn it on a game day since.

That said, I may, may break it out for the World Series but that's yet to be determined.

The Phillies outplayed the Dodgers in every facet of the game during the NLCS. We has better pitching, a better bullpen, better clutch hitting, better base running, better defense and an all-around better team. It seems the only Dodger who actually wanted to play hard was Manny Ramirez and that dude is a stud.

Cole Hamels was the MVP but I think it should have been Victorino who had hits in pressure situations and made awesome defensive put outs. His average was low but he was unbelievable in that and the Milwaukee series.

I'll comment more one we see who the Phils are playing.

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