Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama is Not a Done Deal

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Conventional wisdom has it that Obama is a shoe in. He's already picked his cabinet essentially and is trouncing McCain in the money department, has gained most notable endorsements and is acting as if he's already picking out his inauguration suit.

However, the American people have yet to have their say so and no one knows how that will turn out. There's many factors that will cause people to vote one way or another including the financial mess, job worries, lost retirement savings, the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and yes, race. The polls have been so wrong in recent years that they give a semblance of the state of the race but not a definitive view.

That said, we'll have to see how the next couple weeks shake out but the MSM meme that it's over could only force those who support to Obama to rest on their laurels and allow McCain to step it up. Besides, Pelosi said it's "100%" for Obama so that just may be the kiss of death.

BTW, Zogby has it really close for what it's worth.

Update: I forgot about the disgruntled Hillary voter: "I'll get my custom made sheet when I vote for Senator McCain":

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