Friday, October 24, 2008

No Attack on McCain Supporter

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Ashley Todd has recanted her allegation of being attacked by a black man because she had a McCain sticker on her car.

What makes these people do this shit? She played the classic racial angle and went for the political knockout. Just as the woman at the center of the Duke rape case who lied was skewered here, so should Ashley Todd be.

Make her serve about 100 hours of community service in a battered womens shelter is what I say.


Anonymous said...

she is the example of how pathetic the McCain campaign is getting. i know they didn't do this, but one has to ask, what made her do it? cant cope with the fact Obama is way ahead?

Scott said...

It sounds like she may have some issues. You know, like the Kerry democrats who flattened tires in Milwaukee last election.

I hope she gets some help quick.

But wait, aren't you libs all compassinate and caring of those who needs help? Oh wait, she supports McCain, nevermind.

BTW, Obama could use this as another reason to raise my taxes: helping the McCain supporting psychotics: the newest minority group.

Anonymous said...

Wow so if all Liberals are tax loving freaks who want to hug the earth and spend all your money on those that do not work? If so all Conservatives are greedy, angry losers who have no sense of unity or empathy and love guns and the death penalty. Talking in extremes gets you nowhere. But if I have to pick an extreme.... I will pick the compassionate crew.

If a Barack supporter and made up this lie I would be cringing in embarrassment and would also feel the same sense of sorry for the poor girl. That said, the freak side is getting freakier! I love it. The McCain camp can't catch a break.