Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Debate Liveblog

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Jeez, McCain not only didn't attack Obama when given the opportunity, he proposed a socialist policy of buying up seniors home mortgages and renegotiating the loans down. My Lord, Maverick.

The Maverick should have hit Obama hard on Fannie Mae and opted to go to the talking points. Ughh!

That's more like it, why did he wait? He did it wrong, he sounds like it was talking points. Where's the fire?

Obama is stealing McCain's format and looks comfortable...McCain should have been the true Maverick and come out against the bailout. Obama's lying through his teeth on the Fannie Mae mess.

For the record, my hotel isn't getting Fox so I'm watching it on CNN with that ridiculous flatline doohickey on the bottom.

I've had enough of this, I'm going over to Ed's to hang.

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