Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crunch Time: One Week Left

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The presidential election seems like it's been going on forever and in essence it has. Ever since John Kerry was beaten by George W. Bush in 2004, the candidates have been jockeying for position. Remember when Hillary was on her way to the coronation or when Ron Paul supporters would spam every poll they could to make it seem like more than the actual 25,000 Red Bull-enhanced really wanted him as president? Both seem like eons ago and in this hyper world of new media, it was. Look at how long ago I started writing about this election on a daily basis.

We now are in the last seven days of campaigning and we are a nation more divided than ever, a charge I would never have thought possible after election 2004. One week to make a decision that will have far-reaching effects on our security, economy and social makeup. 168 hours from either victory or Armageddon.

For each candidate, it's time to redouble their efforts and push hard for the finish line in a race that will be much closer than polls have recently indicated. I foresee no real surprises but a nation looking at Obama and thinking if he has the experience while pondering John McCain's age.

Crunch time.

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