Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Palin Vs. Biden

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The consensus is that Biden is going to destroy Palin in their debate. Or, he may hold back so he doesn't come off as a tough male who's overbearing and misogynistic. A tough sell for a man who can't control one single word that escapes his piehole.

I'm looking for Palin to be fresh and ready for anything. Biden is a pro but Palin could put him off his game, plus, no plagiarized words allowed so Biden will be at a disadvantage.

Palin's element is one-on-one with the voter and from all accounts, she's the real deal. She's genuine and smart. I've not seen video of her debating but when she knows the material, she's on.

Here's a picture taken this weekend in Philly with Palin and a Councilwoman from my town. They're both hockey moms and both were athletes. Note what Palin is wearing, a Nike sweatsuit just like most sports moms (my beautiful wife is a baseball mom so I know). Councilwoman Sarcone reports that Gov. Palin is awesome and is a good choice for VP. We're hoping she cleans Biden's clock later this week.

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