Friday, September 05, 2008

Oprah's Palin Decision Not Making Fans Happy

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Oprah has decided that she doesn't want to politicize her show even though she's had Barack Obama on twice, attending his acceptance speech and held fundraisers. Now that Governor Palin is officially the latest mania sweeping the nation, you'd think she would want to book the GOP VP selection. You'd be wrong.

Her fan base is not real happy about her choice and have been pretty damn vocal about it.

Click here, here and here for a taste of just how upset they are

Granted, this has been on Drudge for hours and the people may be Palin supporters but Oprah draws viewers from a large variety of women in America and one has to believe that many watched Palin and were taken with her immediately--maybe to the point of supporting her.

Business-wise, probably not the best of choices for a woman of Oprah's caliber.

One last thought: Does anyone know Oprah's opinion on the Fairness Doctrine?

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, not happy about it would describe me and my friends VERY WELL. I was a fan for nearly two decades. What was I thinking? Friends told me she was biased and self centered. Now, apparently the woman thinks we are stupid. So, let's add arrogant to the list. She knew Barack was going to be a presidential candidate eons ago when she had him on the show. Now, she is playing this game that she doesn't want to support candidates on her show. She is just deceptively supporting her own candidate...but the problem is that it is not very well hidden. AND she is ignoring her fans and even the wishes of her staff. I guess her fans were NOT good enough for her. She is ungrateful and entitled. I for one, am not going to watch the show anymore, not going to buy her mag. anymore and am not likely to support her advertisers. Here are some of them: Dove, Visa, Frontline, Murad, Bali and Playtex. Shame on Oprah for being so prejudiced, biased and meanspirited. I hope she hears the nation "tune her out" and she gets an attitude adjustment. Too late for this fan. Maybe it is time for the 'ol gal Oopsa to retire.