Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Thoughts

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I'm alternating between the Phil-Nats game and the debate but I have some pre-game thoughts:

Foreign policy is definitely McCain's strong suit so Obama decides to lower expectations.

How much of the foreign policy questions be displaced by queries on the financial crisis? Obama may have an edge on that front and that may blunt the decidedly strong edge McCain has in foreign affairs. If I were the McCain camp, I'd push hard for all foreign policy and ask to add an additional debate in the next few days concerning strictly economic policy. In other words, put Obama on the instant defensive.

Lehrer is a straight-shooter so I would expect a tight, well run debate.

Don't expect any type of in-depth coverage from me until tomorrow as I will be watching the Phillies and flipping back and forth. Unless of course we have a rain delay, which is a strong possibility.

The Phillies currently lead 3-1 and have the bases loaded with two out and Chase Utley at the dish. The Nats starter Balester is at 45-pitches on the night in the second inning. Utley just belted a three-run double to take the lead 6-1!

Update: MVRWC will be live blogging. Ed Morrisey as well.

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