Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debate Highlights

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On the whole, McCain was better informed as was expected with the topic. He had a clear idea of where we are and should be going. Obama, er, uh, er...not so much. He comes off as unsure in any format that isn't scripted.

The cringe-inducing moment came when Obama said that he wears a bracelet given to him by the parent of a dead soldier. He had to actually look at it to remember the mans name:

Democrats look so uncomfortable talking about our troops and the sacrifices and daily travails they face. They treat them like every other bloc they're supposed to like but forget after November: blacks, Hispanics, Jews and unions.

The consensus from those who write of such things is that Obama won. Of course, they believed Obama had won before it even started. McCain would have had to come up with a stellar performance such as Sarah Palin did at the RNCC to win outright, yet when it comes to a debate, the MSM continues to be in the tank for Obama.
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