Thursday, September 25, 2008

Call Congressional Hearings Targeting Countrywide Beneficiaries

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Let's start in the Senate where we can have Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) answer why he received preferential treatment from the worst offender in this entire mess--Countrywide.

Next we can have former Clinton crony Jamie Gorelick answer why she needed a loan after pilfering every penny she could from Fannie Mae and why she got a preferred rate that the average scrub--I.E. you and me--could never get.

Look at the names, Obama advisors or fellow Dems and all worked the system--the tax payer supported system--for every scam they could. If this had happened with Republicans, it would result in jail terms and non-stop coverage by the media. did, it was with a company named Enron and you may remember that many from that firm went to the slammer.

The Dems are neck-deep in this and it's high time they answer for it. Let the perp walks begin.

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