Sunday, August 24, 2008

San Francisco Sanctuary Policy Results in Deaths

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The policies of Frisco have directly led to the deaths of numerous people. These are just the latest:

Bologna, 48, and his sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16, were shot to death on a street in the Excelsior district June 22. Edwin Ramos, 21, of El Sobrante, who authorities say is a member of a street gang, has been charged with three counts of murder.

Tony Bologna's wife, Danielle, and other relatives denounced the city's sanctuary practices after The Chronicle reported that Ramos, a Salvadoran native suspected of being in this country illegally, had committed felony attempted robbery and assault as a juvenile.

The Chronicle reported that officials with the Juvenile Probation Department, relying on their interpretation of San Francisco's sanctuary city ordinance, had not referred Ramos to federal immigration authorities for possible deportation. The ordinance bars city officials from cooperating with federal crackdowns on illegal immigrants.
Emphasis mine. A father and two young people who were just starting out in life were gunned down because of the liberal politics of Nancy Pelosi's Frisco. He was a felon who was destined to take it to the next level of murder. Instead of being sent back to El Salvador, he was sheltered by a government that took the side of an illegal immigrant who had no right to be here over the right to live of a family.

This is not anecdotal, this is real life and unless we get serious reform on the federal level, more people will end up dead. Senator McCain would be smart to get ahead of this issue as his previous statements have left Conservatives questioning his commitment to say the least.

I wonder when Speaker Pelosi was writing this essay about hope and change she even thought about the destruction of this family--her constituents. I doubt it.

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