Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Democrat Voting Shenanigans

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So, let's say you were in Las Cruces, NM last week and wanted to vote for your preferred Democrat. You go to the polls and, alas, they have no more ballots. It's a conundrum for sure but wait, there's a way to make your vote known, just grab the nearest Post-It (TM) and your voice can be heard:

In New Mexico on Super Tuesday, the answer was: Just scribble your name on a scrap of paper, list your preferred candidate and sign an affidavit declaring you're a registered Democrat.

They're called handwritten ballots and they were used and counted as legitimate during the Democratic Party's Feb. 5 presidential caucus, in which Hillary Rodham Clinton outpolled Barack Obama by a margin of just 1,709 votes.

An Associated Press survey of Democratic Party chairs in most of New Mexico's 33 counties confirmed reports that these so-called scrap-paper ballots were used after some polling sites ran out of ballots.
But wait, what if you are an illegal alien and aren't registered? I imagine that the ballot counters didn't check each and every scrap piece of paper to ensure that the "affidavits" matched the voter rolls:

...More than 17,000 provisional ballots were reviewed during the nine-day hand count that ended Thursday, and state Democratic chairman Brian Colon said he couldn't say exactly how many were handwritten ballots.

"But if those scraps of paper were identified, if they were in there with a signed affidavit, then they were counted," Colon said. "If it was submitted properly, then by gosh we counted it."
By gosh, I'll bet you did even though you can't tell me how many were written on the back of a Hillary campaign flyer.

But who received the most votes that were written on the back of the liquor store receipts?

...4,215 for Clinton and 3,935 for Obama.
It's amazing how every time there's some type of voting impropriety, the beneficiary is always Hillary. You'd think that Obama's roots in Chicago would make him at least a bit better in cheating.

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