Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hillary Wins New Mexico

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Probably because Bill Richardson helped as he's seeking the Veep slot. It would interesting if Hillary selected a running mate who is Hispanic. Kind of makes you wonder why the media went full bore for the African-American and neglected the Hispanic guy. Maybe they would have supported Richardson if his name was Rodriguez and not an Irish surname.

Anyway, Hill won by less than 2,000 after a nine-day count:

Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- New York Senator Hillary Clinton was named the winner of the Democratic presidential primary in New Mexico, as vote counting was completed nine days after the Feb. 5 election.

Brian Colon, chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, said Clinton received 73,105 votes to Barack Obama's 71,396.

New Mexico has 38 delegates to the Democratic National Convention in August, 26 of them awarded on the basis of the vote.
Nothing gained for Hillary by this win.

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