Friday, February 01, 2008

Good Customer Service Makes Traveling Suck a Little Less

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Flying across country? I highly recommend Frontier Airlines. The customer service is excellent and the hub--Denver--is not bad. I'm sitting here having a beer (or two) to cause enough grogginess to sleep on the flight into Philly.

The planes are all comfortable and clean, Direct TV on the back of every seat for the fair price of $5 and they've been good about leaving and arriving on time.

I may be jumping the gun since I'm not home yet but I've flown them several times and have nothing but good words. Traveling blows, yet it blows a bit less when the people actually act like they want to be there.


alkrauza said...

February 2, 2008
Aliso Viejo, Ca / Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Adcalls, Inc. Forms Strategic Alliance with Phorsite Group For Customer Service and Design of Ad Supported VOIP and Mobile Marketing Programs

To insure total customer satisfaction and the best implementation of its programs, AdCalls has assigned all customer service and custom product designs of AdCalls retail products to the Phorsite Group of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

The world of Ad Supported VOIP, Text Message Advertising and Mobile Marketing, although currently having over a billion users, is still in its infancy. As a user product,
VOIP and text messaging has become a way of life. As an Advertiser Product, these technologies have not even begun to reach their potential impact.

AdCalls, Inc, a five year old California based VOIP and Mobile Advertising Company has developed two of the most innovative uses of VOIP and Text Messaging currently marketed throughout the US and Canada by AdCalls Agency Owners to small, medium to Fortune 500 companies. ( )

The AdCalls products utilize the FREE Global Long Distance Calling Cards as a “gift” for customers. When the cards are activated, either on the AdCalls Computer based Dialer, or using one of the hundreds of Local Access Numbers, the user receives voice messages, text messages or views rotating ads while calling any home phone, business phone or cell phone, in any country in the world….TOTALLY FREE

In addition to the Ad promotions, the Advertiser also captures the permission based email address and mobile phone number of the client. This customer data base can then be used for future emailing and instant messaging of coupons and special notices.

“These state of the art products are the most innovative on market for local retailers and franchise owners, and to insure their success, it is important to provide the best support possible to every customer” states, Al Krauza, President of AdCalls. “For this reason, we have entered into a partnership with Phorsite Group to insure that every client not only receives the maximum benefit of the product they have purchased but through continued customer support, we can assist our clients grow their business through other value added services”.

The Phorsite Group is scheduled to handle every phase of the installation process. Following each sale, every client will be contacted within 24 hours by a Customer Service Representative who connects all the detailed information for the design of the Private Label Dialer, Landing Page and Logo. Following the dialer approval, a customized FREE Global Calling card is designed with the look and feel of the client’s business.

“Our goal is to help every client bring in more customers and keep their current customers coming back more frequently” states Patrick Greene, CEO of Phorsite Group.
“As our Customers Retention Managers learn more about each client’s business and better able to serve them with a level of confidence, which in turn will keep each Advertiser as a satisfied client”.

Realizing the importance of providing a quality product and customer service, Phorsite Group has invested over $2 million to create a Customer Service and Customer Retention Division, Your Better Business and Phorsite Partners as the Marketing Division. All Dialer and Ad Designs will be handled by the Phorsite Design Department.

Using this business model, AdCalls is looking forward to working with Phorsite as it expands its services globally.

Contact: Al Krauza 949-305-3050

Terri said...

As a loyal Frontier customer I will second this post. I live outside of Denver and use Frontier whenever possible is only because their customer service people treat you like a human and not just another piece of cattle going their chutes.

They are friendly AND efficient.

AND free tickets at 15,000 miles vs 25,000 easily seals the deal.

(ps - I don't work for them!)