Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Canceling Votes Out and Voting Without Much Conviction

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Yes, I voted for Romney. My wife who is not affiliated with either party went the McCain route thus it's a wash in my house. My wife couldn't bring herself to vote for Hillary and Obama's inexperience and overt liberalism made her go the secondary path of selecting the Maverick.

The GOP ain't happy at the moment and if we're stuck with McCain, that's not likely to change for awhile. He'll have to do some serious conservative bidding if he reaches the Oval Office including making the Bush tax cuts permanent and securing the border. Neither of which he'll do.

Charles half-heartedly went the Romney way as well.


truegrit2008 said...

Whoever wins these election , we can only hope they are willing to work within the international community. The United States is not an island.This whole Iraq thing may end well, but let it be known that the first President Bush would have gathered a true coaliton and would not have rushed to war, unlike his little drippie nose, knuck-head son. Oh, maybe that's because Geoge Herbert Walker actually served during war time, hmmm.

Scott said...

First off I would never disparage anyone who is in the reserves and flies jets.

Second, Poland, Japan, Britain and about twelve other nations were in the coalition in 2003. Australia has been a steadfast ally in all battles in the War on Terror, are you saying they are not worthy of respect?

I guess the fact that France didn't get involved because they had their hands in Saddam's pockets would have no meaning here. Hmmmm.