Sunday, January 13, 2008

Poking the Hornet's Nest--Lionheart Continued

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I watched yesterday as the comments grew and the Lionheart debate raged. I was going to jump in but decided to just let the commenter's go at it here, at LGF who linked to my post and at Lionheart's site. And play out it did.

The interesting thing is that Lionheart jumped into the fray and continued to rail about Charles' "defemation" of him. Pointing out a man's association with an organization and the racist history of that organization is not defamation (well, maybe in Britain but not in America).

George Bernard Shaw said that Britain and America are "two peoples separated by a common language". It appears there's much more separating us from them and the rest of Western Europe now. The "enlightened" continent seems to be going in the other direction from us, a direction that allowed leaders like Hitler and Stalin to rise and dominate based on a vision of ethnic purity.

Europe has a deep-seated problem that isn't going away and will devastate the EU in years to come. They've allowed immigration from Arab and North African countries to explode unimpeded and those liberal policies have brought the European nations to the the point they are now at. With large Muslim populations and the drain on their "progressive" social programs unchecked, the native-born Brits in particular are seeing not only their demographics change but the whole culture of the country. The traditional blue collar jobs that young Brits fathers once held are being taken by immigrants and that leaves few avenues for twenty-somethings in the UK and the rest of Europe.

In America, we preach assimilation while Europeans have not. By allowing these immigrant groups to settle and partake in entitlement programs that were designed before they arrived, they have strained the system and its effect has been to create two nations within one border. There may be a large, young, Muslim immigrant population that riots and burns cars in France or threatens politicians in the Netherlands but there is also a native-born population that is disaffected and angry. Their anger is directed at the immigrant groups that they will never agree are British regardless if they were born in London or not. This has apparently led us to the point where we now are--a point where we are seeing the ascendancy of nationalist groups. These group have a racist tinge to them because they were spawned by racial separatism. It's the us versus them mentality and the only thing that can come of it is segregation and animosity.

Liberals in America would say this is akin to the immigration debate here and I would say only partly. The immigration debate in America is about security as much as it is about anything else. America has a large Hispanic population just as Britain has a large Arab and North African population, yet in the US, the Hispanic immigrants have largely assimilated. Yes, they've maintained their cultural mores but have become largely American. That's not the case evidently in Europe and that is the exact reason that we're seeing the revival of fascist tendencies--Nazi fascism in particular was based on nationalism.

Read the comments at my post yesterday and you'll see what I'm talking about. I don't live in Europe so I may have it totally wrong but I would imagine I'm mostly right. There seems to be a deep-seated anger in Europe at present and that anger is not at all healthy. Young Europeans as a whole and in the UK in particular are living with the results of the previous generations policies. The overall liberalism of the continent over the last 30-40 years has caused what we now see: nations that have now lost their respective identities. The media hasn't picked up on it yet but the reason that Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy were elected is because the populace of these nations are seeing what a generation of liberal laws have wrought and they don't like it.

A bit long-winded but I learned quite a bit from reading the comments from both sides and my position in support of LGF is even more galvanized than it was yesterday.


Karridine said...

Now is still a very good time to bring to the attention of the people of Europe, Muslim and European alike, the Coming of The Bab (The Gate) and Baha'u'llah (The Glory of God).

Inasmuch as Muslims are, right now, expecting the coming of the Qaim and the Mahdi, Whom they are told to revere, respect and obey, it behooves the Europeans to actively LET THE MUSLIMS KNOW that the Qaim (The Bab) and the Mahdi (The Glory of God) HAVE COME.

In this way, European 'kffir'-unbelievers are invoking the moral authority of Muhammad in order to invoke the moral authority of the Mahdi, Whom the Muslims want to obey.

But Muslim CLERGY have stood between the Mahdi and the Muslims for 164 years now, ever since the Qaim's coming May 23, 1844.

Acting in this way can transform hundreds of millions of rowdy, bullying and alienated youth into productive members of human, modern society IF we can initiate a public dialogue big enough that the imams and mullahs CANNOT hide it from the Muslims!

Karridine said...

Well, yes, there IS the problem that Muslims, once learning of the Qaim and the Mahdi, will turn and ask:
"Well, if they're the Promised Ones of the Jewish and Christian Holy Books, WHY DON'T YOU kneel in adoration before Them?

We mean, The Bab came on the exact day that the telegraph publicly ushered in the Electronic Age; in THE year that The Gospel was taken to every nation as a witness; in the year that the 2,300-year prophecy Jesus invoked from Daniel ran out; which was THE year that the Edict of Tolerance was signed by the Muslim Caliphate, allowing the Jews to re-patriate the Holy Land... all three of Jesus' promises (Matt 24:14, Luke 21:24, Matt 24:15) can be seen to have been fulfilled in the year 1844, and Jesus' other criterion, "Ye shall know THEM by their fruits" can be applied to the rational, just, egalitarian fruits of their teachings, so we Muslims ask again,

"Why do you sit lukewarm about investigating The Bab and Baha'u'llah?"