Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Live Debate Thoughts

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A few things that crossed my mind i the last hour and twenty-two minutes:

Huckabee is a likable and funny little zealot, isn't he?

What the hell is Ron Paul doing there?

I've got to get up to the Reagn Library and see that friggin' plane.

Nancy Reagan came out to watch...good for her.

McCain hasn't hurt himself and this is nitpicking but he has Rudyitis where he has to bring up his being in the Reagan revolution and his time in a Vietnam prison. I respect that the Senator survived that and didn't break but we all know the story just as we know the story of Rudy and 9/11. I know he did it to turn the knife on Romney who didn't serve but it rang a bit hollow.

Romney is holding his own but who's actually watching? I'd like to see the ratings asap.

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