Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lawsuit Against Saudi's Continues

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A drawn out lawsuit against Saudi Arabia and the royals continues as the lawyers argued the case in front of a judges yesterday:

NEW YORK - After years of legal maneuvering, a huge lawsuit against the government of Saudi Arabia and key members of its royal family was put to a crucial test yesterday as lawyers for victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks urged a federal appeals court to reinstate the government of Saudi Arabia as a defendant.

The Cozen O'Connor law firm of Philadelphia was the first to file suit against the government of Saudi Arabia in 2003, alleging that the desert kingdom bears responsibility for the attacks because it permitted Islamic charities under its control to bankroll Osama bin Laden and his global terror movement.

Cozen represents scores of U.S. and European-based insurers in the case who have paid out billions in claims. Other lawyers have since filed suit against Saudi Arabia on behalf of individual victims and other insurers. Yet others have not named Saudi Arabia, choosing instead to go after individual members of the royal family, the charities, alleged terrorism financiers and others.

The court did not indicate when it would rule on the appeal.

The Saudis have escaped all of the criticism in their complicity in 9/11 events and Bush has not exactly been adamant about discussing the issue.

Hopefully this lawsuit is allowed to go forward.

As a side note, this story was featured in the Business section.

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