Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Official, Chelsea is a True Clinton

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I'm not one to slam the kids and spouses of Presidential aspirants unless they choose to actively participate in the campaign. Chelsea Clinton has indeed done that so she's opened herself up to ridicule and criticism.

It seems that Chelsea has that most Clintonesque trait--one in which Bill and Hillary are carriers of and suffer from--the ability to lie straight-faced while not letting on then repeating the lie so often that even in own minds it becomes a fact. It's in the DNA Chelsea, you can't deny it.

Here's a great example of that Clinton tactic in practice and ABC, yes ABC, busts here:

The usually shy Chelsea also touted her mother's record on Darfur, telling a group at Stanford University earlier this month that she was "really proud that my mom was the first Democratic senator to call it genocide in May of 2004 and put a lot of pressure on the Bush administration to recognize it as genocide."

Problem is, the statements simply aren't true.
And to top it off, it was a Republican, Mike Dewine who called it genocide.

We know the Clinton's are shameless but in this era of instant fact-checking, they may want to lie about things not so easily proven patently false.


Dave Lucas said...

All Chelsea needs is a blog!

Formerly known as Skeptic said...

I would cut the girl some slack because it is likely that this is what she has been told by her mother. I doubt she is stating this based on first person knowledge. In other words, it's likely Hillary is the liar (no news there) and Chelsea is getting the rap (welcome to the big times).

DirtCrashr said...

With parents like those the girl didn't have a chance in hell - the results are predictable.