Thursday, January 24, 2008

E.T. Kucinich Drops Out

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In what has to be the biggest shocker since the sun came up this morning, Rep. Kucinich is dropping out of the race for President:
Cleveland Congressman Dennis Kucinich is dropping out of the Democratic race for president.

Kucinich will make the announcement Friday at a news conference in Cleveland. In an exclusive interview with Plain Dealer editors and reporters, Kucinich said he will explain his "transition" tomorrow.

"I want to continue to serve in Congress," he said.

Kucinich said he will not endorse another Democrat in the primary.Kucinich is seeking a seventh term in Congress, but his long-shot bid for the White House has drawn four Democratic opponents.
I'm sure Hillary and Barack are upset that Kucinich didn't immediately endorse them as that would have made them to front-runner for sure. The race is now in disarray without the good Congressman and I'm sure Clinton and Obama are holding high level staff meeting strategizing on how to get those important Kucinich voters...all two of them.

I'm sad; no Department of Peace, no President who has seen a UFO and now the only loon we have left to pick on is Ron Paul. I thought he started gaining some momentum when he picked up the four people who were supported Gravel.

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