Saturday, January 12, 2008

Donna Brazile Speaks For All African-American's

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Did you know that Donna Brazile is the voice of every black person in America? Me neither:

Donna Brazile, a leading Democrat and African-American who had criticized Mr. Clinton, on Friday appeared willing to accept his explanation. “Bill Clinton is a soldier in the fields for people of color,” Ms. Brazile said on CNN. “At this point, we are willing to let this lie.”
Who exactly are the "we", Ms. Brazile? I'm sure the nation's African-American population are thankful for you explaining that the Clinton's said something construed as racist and you are giving them a pass because you represent every single one of them even though you never won an election (but have lost a few big ones if I recall correctly).

1 comment:

Jamelle said...

I think the black community (as a whole of course) should hire Donna Brazile as our official spokesperson.

We won't gain any credibility, but at least she wouldn't sound ridiculous speaking on behalf of all black people.