Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Capitalism for Idiots

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The Governor of Wisconsin has come up with a moronic idea:

Madison - Gov. Jim Doyle will unveil a tax on oil companies on Tuesday but will bar the firms from passing it on to consumers.

The tax would mark the first cash infusion into the state's transportation account since an annual automatic increase in the gas tax ended in April.

But some question whether the state can legally prevent companies from passing taxes on to consumers.

Corporations are in business to make money, Governor. While it would be nice for them to provide goods and services we need for free, it ain't gonna happen, that's just not how it works. You see, if you pass this law, they will either do one of two things: charge more and hide the fact that they are passing the cost on, or they will close all gas stations in the state, thus causing gas prices to skyrocket and your political career to nose-dive.

Just a word of advice to the evidently misguided Governor; most gas station's are owned by the very corporation's you seek to harm and they have way more clout than you do. I would suggest you take a different tack and just forget this whole charade.

This seems to be the new populist/liberal angle the Dems are playing and it will do nothing but blow up in their faces.

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