Monday, January 22, 2007

Parcells Calls It Quits

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Maybe Jerry Jones will bring back Barry Switzer. Well, one can hope.

In the midst of a Romo melt-down and the fiasco that is Terrell Owens, Bill Parcells said enough and bowed out. Who can blame him for wanting to leave that friggin' circus?

I'm a fan of Parcells as I've watched him since he started with the Giants. I hate the Giants almost as much as I hate the Cowboys, but always respected Parcells for his coaching style and philosophy.

Now, the premiere coaching gig in the NFL is open and it is the crazy few weeks between the conference championships and the Super Bowl (TM). That means that Jerry Jones will take this opportunity to try to overshadow an event his team has not even been to in nearly a decade. He misses the spotlight and will make the announcement of some big name coach the Friday before the big game. My guess is the return of Jimmy Johnson.

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