Monday, December 04, 2006

We Hate You, Give Us Work

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Thanassis Cambanis of the Boston Globe twists himself into circles trying to explain the Palestinians root causes of terrorism. The article contains the following:

These foot soldiers of the militant wings of Fatah and Hamas have little education and hold much more violent and absolute views than their political leaders. While leaders negotiate with Israel, reaching such agreements as Sunday's fragile cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, most of the young militants oppose negotiations and want to annihilate the Jewish state.
Standard fare in the territories as they've been indoctrinated on the "push Israel into the sea" mentality since birth, however, this interesting pragraph sticks out:

"For 12 years we have been in peace negotiations, we have given up many things, but achieved nothing," said Abu Ali, 20, who said he was a fighter in the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, ostensibly the most moderate militant faction because of its link to Fatah, which recognizes Israel.

Name one thing the Palestinians have given up? Well, besides the lives of many of their young who decided to strap a bomb to themselves and blow it up taking out as many Israeli's as possible. But hey, they have family values:

His family life is steeped in a culture of fighting far removed from traditional Palestinian activism, which for decades mixed combat with politics. Some relatives are in Fatah, others in Hamas, he said. He has trained his wife to clean and fire his gun, and expects his children to grow up to be fighters.

"If I have a son and he doesn't join the resistance, I'll snap his neck," Omar said.

Nice parenting skills. Anyway, this is the line that caught my attention:

Despite Israel's pullout from Gaza settlements last year, economic opportunity has shriveled in the territory because Israel keeps the borders sealed to commerce most of the time. Militants from every major faction described a milieu that has convinced them that fighting is the only way forward.
So let me get this straight, the Israeli's closes the border to fend off attacks from militants and suicide bombers, thus cutting off commerce to Palestinians. The Palestinians are mad that the Israeli's sealed the border so will continue their attacks. Perhaps if someone stood up and said that if they stopped attacking altogether and showed that they truly wanted peace, the Israeli's would allow Palestinians to work, sell and shop within their borders.

Of course, if any Palestinian had the guts to utter such words, their father would probably snap their neck.

Hat tip: James Taranto

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