Thursday, December 07, 2006

Throwing Money at Poverty Deemed a Failure

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Well no shit. Conservatives have been screaming for years that throwing money at a problem only makes governments and their nepotistic allies wealthy but does zero for those who need it.

The only way to lift people out of poverty is by electing a government that will not nationalize industry and will allow the people to better themselves through education, opportunity and hard work.

All the lefty do-gooders claim that if you just fund something with enough money, you'll see the poor driving Bentley's. This has been proven wrong so many times it is moronic to even argue it anymore, yet alas they still do.

Among 25 poor countries probed in detail by the bank's Independent Evaluation Group, only 11 saw reductions in poverty between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s, while the other 14 suffered the same or worse rates over that term. The group said the sample was representative of the global picture.

"Achievement of sustained increases in per capita income, essential for poverty reduction, continues to elude a considerable number of countries," the report declared, singling out as particularly ineffective programs aimed at the rural poor. Roughly half of such efforts from 2001 to 2005 "did not lead to satisfactory results." During that period, new World Bank loans and credits aimed directly at rural development totaled $9.6 billion, or about one-tenth of total bank lending, according to the group.

$9.6-bbbbbillion. Jeez, that's alot of money that ended up in the hands of dictators and profiteers. The concept of microloans is infinitely better and if they were used to fund the creation of businesses and, more importantly, the liberalization of oppressive government policies that in turn stunt small business growth, the results would be measurably higher.

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