Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Thoughts on Gerald Ford

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Former President Gerald Ford passed last night in California.

I was too young to really remember when Ford was in office, I do remember the way it felt in my house when Nixon resigned and Ford was elevated to the presidency. Ford was the last Republican of the older, centrist mold.

Throughout his presidency and when Ford ran against Carter in 1976, he had no chance as the stains of Agnew and Nixon were still fresh. Ford did get us through a difficult time in our history and deserves alot of credit for that. With the end of Vietnam and the Cold War still raging, it was a time America needed to find herself again. It didn't happen for another four years and we suffered greatly under the policies of Jimmy Carter but we were awakened in January 1981 when Ronald Reagan assumed office.

President Ford never commented on the policies of those who've succeeded him and always seemed to be a gentleman.

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