Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam Dead

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Good Riddance. He died with the dignity he did not afford the thousands of others who died under his order. I have no sympathy and hope he joins Uday and Qusay in hell.

It was filmed, expect the video to be released soon. (Video here)

Update (12/30): Leave it to the vile Robert Scheer to blame us for Saddam's execution:

It is a very frightening precedent that the United States can invade a country on false pretenses, depose its leader and summarily execute him without an international trial or appeals process. This is about vengeance, not justice, for if it were the latter the existing international norms would have been observed. The trial should have been overseen by the World Court, in a country that could have guaranteed the safety of defense lawyers, who, in this case, were killed or otherwise intimidated.

He goes on to talk of us allying with Saddam against Iran and arming him.

I'll make this as simple as possible; We allied with Saddam simply because we were enemies with Iran. We would not have had to deal with Saddam if Jimmy Carter had handled the hostage situation correctly with swift decisive military action in 1979. Instead Carter allowed Iran to not only hold our citizens for 444 days, but also become a regional force, thus forcing Saddam to confront them.

Typical liberal reaction to Saddams death, blame Bush and not the man who murdered countless civilians in his own nation.

Update: No liberal bias at this local NBC affiliate. Saddam was "assassinated" not executed:

A cool video of a response to an insurgent ambush. Content warning for language.

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