Monday, December 11, 2006

Clinton Agministration Spied on Diana

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Why? They did it partially without the knowledge of Brit authorities:

American intelligence agencies were bugging Princess Diana's telephone over her relationship with a US billionaire, the Evening Standard has learned.

She was even forced to abandon a planned holiday with her sons in the US with tycoon Teddy Forstmann on advice from secret services, who passed on their concerns to their British counterparts.

Both US and British intelligence then forced Diana to change her plans to stay with Mr Forstmann in the summer of 1997, saying it was too "dangerous" to take her sons there.

"There" would be the Hamptons. What was so dangerous in 1997 that Diana could not vacation here? I think Clinton has some 'splaining to do. Maybe it was because Forstmann is a (gasp) Republican and a Capitalist.

Maybe Bubba had a thing for Di and wanted to keep tabs on her.

Update: AJ Strata wonders:

And now the Democrats are going to have to explain why it was OK to monitor Princess Di, but it is not important to investigate who Osama Bin Laden is talking to in the US.

Update 2: What in hell was the Clinton administration doing spying on Diana when we were simultaneously being offered bin-Laden and refused? Why were we paying attention to what Diana was doing and not Osama when he had bombed two of our embassies at this point?

This is the biggest indictment against the Clinton administration yet.

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