Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blind Sheikh Ailing, Muslim World Gearing Up

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Omar Abdel Rahman, good friend of terror abetting Lynne Stewart and accomplice to the 1993 group of Muslims who attacked the WTC is in bad medical shape and the warning goes out that the Arab Street (TM) is about to be inflamed:

The imprisoned al Qaeda spiritual leader known as the "Blind Sheikh" suffered a "medical emergency" at the Springfield federal prison last week, and the FBI is warning his death could lead al Qaeda to launch terror attacks against the United States in reprisal.

According to an FBI bulletin, obtained by, the 68-year-old Omar Abdel-Rahman began to spit up blood on Dec. 6, and was rushed from prison to the emergency room of St. John's Regional Hospital in Springfield, Mo.

"He accepted a needed transfusion to replace lost blood. While he was under examination, medical authorities also discovered a tumor on his liver," the FBI situational awareness bulletin noted.

A convicted terrorist is dying of liver cancer and the US will be attacked by terrorists because of it. I hope all the anti-war wussies are paying attention, because they are reputed to be readying an attack because we jailed a man who assisted in terror attacks. BTW, Rahman was sentence to life in 1995. Should we blame Clinton and Janet Reno for inciting terrorists as we are so quick to do with Bush?

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