Monday, November 06, 2006

The Donks are Hedging

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The release of the new polling numbers as the Democrats pissing themselves. Like Lucy holding the football, they have to be Charlie Brown and hope just this once, the American public will not pull the football away just as they go to connect.

Some are readying themselves for bad news as we speak:

House: Democrats +19
Senate: Democrats +3 (with the suprise being Steele defeating the sleepy Cardin in Maryland)
Governors: +6

I hasten to stress, though, that this result would have been considered an unambiguously positive outcome for Democrats just a few months ago, and that it still should be considered as such.

Others are glomming onto any piece of positive info:

However the survey, which was in the field from Wednesday through Saturday, also found that 51 percent of Democratic voters are "more enthusiastic about voting than usual" while just 42 percent of Republicans say the same.

Others are blaming Kerry's stupid remarks:

And more Independents votes will go to Republicans than previously expected. Senator Kerry's "botched joke" affected Independents more than other groups.

Don't these people realize that every election cycle, the donks always have a huge lead and the media reports it as if they going to win handily? As election day gets closer, several things happen, people start paying attention and listen to what the Democrats say. It turns them off imediately.

Second, the polling firm and media don't want to look stupid when their results are off by 10-15%, so they have to print more realistic data.

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