Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Barking Moonbat Alert

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Over at the AOL site, I've been posting about the Kerry scandal. One serious barking moonbat who also posts there wrote this nasty little post:

I love it. The chicken hawks in the White House launch an attack on Kerry's poorly delivered "joke" about how a failed education got Bush to the White House and in the quagmire of Iraq. Not only are these Repubs poster boys for a "liar of the month club" they work at it. From their "high brow" propagandists, like Limbaugh and O'Reilly, to their dunce wearing minions online they act like Rove's dancing puppets.

It was about stupid Bush, stupid!

He doesn't read. He was a sucky, drunken student, becoming an out of control drunk and now an unrecovered alcoholic, self-will run riot president. He can't remember his own history. He can't remember any mistakes he's made (oh, except putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk with his moronic, sophomore taunt of "Bring it on!)

I posted a response to his inane comments and it drew this response from him:

To borrow a phrase made famous by that other White House crook, Richard Nixon: Let me be perfectly clear: I am not a liberal. I am a progressive, and a Democrat by default. That means I want to fundamentally change the economic and social structure of this nation through democratic means, not through a political-military coup as is occuring.

Secondly, I do not support the troops in their occupation of Iraq.

...Your brand of "patriotism" is the curse of every nation.

Granted he did bold the portions that would cause him to look like a complete idiot and the post is quite infantile and makes you wonder how these people breathe as stupid as they are. As for my patriotism, whatever, at least I have it.

Update: Here's my response.

Go read both and tell me your thoughts.

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