Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Wet Kiss for Eco-Terrorists

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Two environmental activists decided to take matters into their own hands and UW:

Before dawn on May 21, 2001, Kolar cut the glass that allowed fellow Earth Liberation Front members to sneak into the University of Washington office of professor Toby Bradshaw, who was studying the genetics of fast-growing hybrid poplar trees. Phillabaum's role is still unclear, but she was also on the scene, court documents show.

Bradshaw and other researchers at the UW Center for Urban Horticulture would be arriving within hours, so the ELF squad must have worked quickly to plant the firebombs -- plastic buckets of fuel rigged with cheap digital timers, assembled in someone's garage. Their goal: destroy the research on genetic engineering of poplars to avert an "ecological nightmare" for native forests.

The fire ignited in Bradshaw's office spread through the building and raged for hours. Rare books, endangered plants and decades of botanical research went up in flames, causing $7 million in damage.

I ask you, how are they any different than Hamas? They believe they are right and that those tyhey attack are evil. They could've killed people but it was of little consequence to them.

Read the article and then try to tell me that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is not putting a soft spin on this terrorist action. But then again, they put a soft spin on al-Qaeda actions.

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