Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Times Deceives Again

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The NY Times has an article on politicians using Purell to sanitize their hands after shaking hands with numerous people. It's a good practice as no one wants to be sick and on the campaign trail.

The problem I have is that they have a picture of Dick Cheney who's not shaking the hands of supporters but the hands of troops.

The implication is that Cheney uses hand sanitizer after meeting the lowly, dirty troops he and the President send off to be killed in Iraq. Of course there's absolutely zero proof that was the case.

The picture has absolutely nothing to do with the article's content except a tenuous link that Cheney has admitted using Purell as have other politicians. But did they have to use a picture of Cheney shaking hands with military personnel as the accompanying picture? Short answer no, but it's another example of how the Times' biases are so ingrained they appear everywhere.

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