Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Suck It Up

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It's been a tough week for those of us who support the Republican party--a party who seems intent on making us all Independents.

The Foley revelations disgust (as they should) all and the way the House leadership handled the issue is not comforting.

The election is approaching in less than 40 days and the Senate and House are at stake. We must preserve the majority or risk the chance that Pelosi becomes Speaker and Reid become Majority Leader.

We have alot to be proud of:

We've put a 500-pounder right up Zarqawi's ass;

The economy is in great shape with the Dow reaching and all-time high;

We've thwarted another attack (but the next one is being planned;) and

In spite of all of the non-issues pounded by the media we're still fighting.

It's time to really take it to them and show why we should lead and the consequences if we don't.

Suck it up and let's get back to business.

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